Heaven on Earth

Here we are, a modern day couple living in the city with a plan to escape as often as we can, into a world of true beauty and elegance. Where we go, we won’t tell. But, we will explain our experiences in a way that you will have no option but, to come with us.

By day, we wake to the blissful sound of birds chirping and the glistening of the morning sun as it rises over one of Australia’s finest coastlines. By night, we settle into our vintage chairs watching the smoke rise from a well lit fire listening to the still, calm sound of silence. Tune in a little more carefully to the distant sound and we hear the roar of the almighty ocean as it pounds across our shores. This for us, is heaven on earth.

We set out to find this kind of peace most weekends. However, with the commitments of work and constraints of time this doesn’t always happen as often as ‘every’ weekend. And if it does, it pushes us to our boundaries and sometimes creates a very tired, stressed and grumpy version of me.

My name is Natalie, my partners name is Bart and we welcome you to lead your mind to us. 
Natalie Beach

Stunning view of Australia’s coastline from the block.

Introducing (from left to right) Natalie and Bart.

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