One of Those Things (Part One)

Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Three of many mental illness conditions which often result in a diagnosis from a friend, family member or doctor. The only diagnosis I would trust, is that of a doctor – and a doctor who knows you well. Having previously been told I have suffered symptoms of the three mentioned above, I understand the feelings associated. Over the past 15 years I have seen practitioners with a range of degrees. I’ve been to doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists (just to name a few).

For the past couple of years I’ve been ‘feeling a little different’, ‘a little under the weather’. Nothing to extreme, just a slight alteration of my moods. I’ve had many questions around these changes. Perhaps a change in hormones? Unbalanced diet? Friends? Family? Living space? Exercise? Employment? Hobbies? You name it. Every aspect of my life has been under the knife. Questioned by me. Questioned by my mum and questioned by the doctor.On one side of the fence and for approximately 315 days of the year I bring a bright, bubbly, smiley, relaxed, stress free, worry free atmosphere into the room wherever I go. However, on the other side of the fence sits approximately 50 days of the year. During these days a shadow lurks below following me everywhere I go. You can’t always see my shadow and I don’t always know it’s there. If you are closest to me, you might be able to follow its pattern as it casts its darkest hours at certain times of the month. Due to this, an expression of interest revolved around hormone changes.

Our bodies naturally regulate hormones into our system and throughout life administer changes. Being female, these changes occur more frequently then you think. We expect our periods to be the same month after month, year after year. My doctor advised me it’s not the case. Research states there are seven distinct hormone inflection points over the course of a lifetime (females only). The first stage is Puberty where our menstrual cycle begins. After that we have the Adult Menstrual Years and then Pregnancy. Next we have Post-Partum and fifth in line is Perimenopause Phase One and Perimenopause Phase Two. Lucky last we go through Post-Menopause. You can, if you wish read more by clicking the link below. The phase my doctor initially suggested I inquire into is the second phase- Adult Menstrual Years. From my understanding, this is the phase that allows for changes. These changes had a significant impact on my hormones. They jumped in the drivers seat and steered me in the direction of natural healing. I was at the time, living in an apartment with only artificial light. Having no sunshine made my mood swings more progressive over time. The verdict was to find a different apartment with lots of sunshine, so I did that. From back then to now, I maintain a balanced diet. My naturopath took these factors into account and prescribed natural medicines targeted towards hormone imbalances.

After six months on the horrible tasting natural liquid medicines there were no changes. Nothing positive; nothing negative. Now, having ruled out hormone imbalances, living conditions and balanced diet from the change of mood equation, I returned to my doctor. Next topic of conversation was around my support network (friends and family), hobbies, exercise and employment.

At the time of discussion I had lots of friends, some hobbies, a fun stable job, was exercising 3-6 times per week, almost about to finish a Bachelors degree and have always had a loving family. I’m very lucky in that regard. The doctor put it down to ‘stress’. He told me to have a holiday and relax. Since then I have had four holidays a year, a couple in Australia and many overseas. Stress weakened and these feelings I had, subsided. In my mind all that worry and stress was for nothing. So I proceeded with my happy, healthy lifestyle and down the track I met Bart. He has without question made my life complete.
Natalie Beach

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